Sample packages

Approximate price list

Attached are sample packages. We can customize them to meet your preferences and adjust the price accordingly. Let us know your specific requirements.

Discount for students

Students with a valid ISIC or websites representing people under 18 will receive a website design Informative web a 25% discount. 1 The price "Starting at" below does not account for this discount.

Extended support

Each of our packages offers a minimum of 6 months of free website editing.2 Classic support is then available as long as you are our customer.

1 The website on which the student wants to use the discount must represent the student personally or his/her project. 2 The free edit can be requested once a month and the editing time is 30 minutes, which is enough to change or add texts and photos.

Informative web
For individuals or one branch

Starting at 289 Eur (309 USD)

  • A modern website representing your brand or personality
  • 1GB of storage space
  • Up to 3 individual pages on the site
  • An e-mail address with your domain and up to two other aliases
Web Plus
For artists or multiple branches

Starting at 479 Eur (509 USD)

  • A modern site for businesses and artists who need to share files and photos
  • 8GB of storage space/li>
  • Up to 8 individual pages on the site
  • Up to 3 e-mail addresses with your domain and up to two other aliases for each of them
For digital sales and large companies

Starting at 1920 Eur (2060 USD)

  • Suitable for large companies
  • 16GB of storage space or negotiable
  • Number of individual pages matching your needs
  • Up to 60 e-mail addresses with your domain and 30 e-mail aliases that can be attached to any of them

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